Kenmere Perlina MCS P78E | Kenmere Charolais Stud
“Moorak” 467 Rankins Lane, Holbrook NSW 2644 | ABN: 53105870611

Kenmere Perlina MCS P78E

Born: 20th March, 1994

Perlina has been a consistent breeder for the Kenmere Stud. Perlina’s genetics’ go back to original bloodlines Kenmere had in New Zealand. Her mother was Kenmere Ena a daughter of Kenmere Rowena who was breed in New Zealand at the Tipapa Stud. On the Dam’s Sire she goes back to White Valley Hamish. Perlina’s sire was Rosedale Galant the son of Rosedale Country Special.
Perlina is a medium frame with good depth. She has a very fine coat, good feet and great milking qualities. She has produced over recent years commercial bulls sold and a heifer D27E to Blue Grass.
Perlina will be flushed in the November 2009 Campaign.
In this campaign Kenmere Dakota Spur was used as the Sire and four embryo calves arrived in September 2010.
It is planned that throughout 2011 another embryo programme will allow more of this bloodline to continue.
Perlina has flushed well in the past and has eggs retained for the future.
At her remarkable age she then went onto have her own natural calf in November 2010.