Kenmere Farm Biosecurity | Kenmere Charolais Stud
“Moorak” 467 Rankins Lane, Holbrook NSW 2644 | ABN: 53105870611

Kenmere Farm Biosecurity

Kenmere Charolais has addressed the principles of farm biosecurity through management practices including:

  • The movement of people , vehicles and equipment
  • Farm inputs – stock , water and feed ( pasture , grain and hay)
  • Livestock Production practices
  • Plans for pest, weed and vermin control
  • Record keeping practices

Kenmere Charolais is proud of achieving a J –BAS 7 score and has completed two successive negative sample tests two years apart . All Cattle on the properties have been tested for Pestivirus and we are completely free. Our Biosecurity plans are under the supervision of Registered Practising Veterinarians.