New Generation

Over many years considerable attention has resulted in extensive female lines at Kenmere.

  1. Kenmere Calamity
  2. Kenmere Ping
  3. Kenmere Kristina
  4. Kenmere Tinkerbelle
  5. Kenmere Radiance
  6. Kenmere Tourmaline
  7. Kenmere Que Sera
  8. Kenmere Navarro
  9. Kenmere Michelle
  10. Kenmere Blissful
  11. Kenmere Primrose
  12. Kenmere Nicola
  13. Kenmere Tant Mieux
  14. Kenmere Perlina
  15. Kenmere Elite
  16. Kenmere Diamond Spur

Several other females emerging have come from dispersals sales such as Nargoon and Gobongo.

Females such Quicksilver Bree and Caloona Park females were introduced when we first started and they are also contributing to the makeup of our strong female lines.

Over time the Blissful line of females bred by Rosedale especially MR Z210e has been a remarkable female breeding cattle introducing outstanding traits into our herd. Blissful Z210e still remains within our herd as at 2019. Our intention is to flush this fine old lady during this year. She is a trapper daughter. Extremely good on her feet, great mobility and strong milking characteristics. Strong breeding qualities.