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AI and ET Sires

Past AI Sires

Lt Western Spur
Lt Western Edge
Lt Blue Grass
Lt Easy Blend
Eaton’s Leader
Palgrove Platinum Windfall
Gobongo Villeroy
Gundaroo Nugget
Nandillyan Peugeot

Sires to be used during 2010

During 2010, we will introduce another selection of bulls to our AI and Embryo programmes. The need to continue to examine the Sires used is a very important part of our breeding at Kenmere. Each year we access the heifers from past breeding and look to add value to their genetics’.

Silver Stream Performer
Palgrove Platinum Windfall
Centennial Ruler
Gunnedoo Nuggett
Svy Pilgrim Pld 655S (P) (R/F)

Selected Sires from Lt Ranch will also be used over some of our great dams.