History | Kenmere Charolais Stud
“Moorak” 467 Rankins Lane, Holbrook NSW 2644 | ABN: 53105870611


Kenmere Charolais was established in the early 1970’s with original French bloodlines imported via New Zealand to Australia. This provided a genetically sound base from which we could increase numbers and quality traits that were associated with Charolais.

In 1998 John Collins changed the focus of the stud and in 2004 Matthew and Ann-Marie Collins purchased all the cattle and began the work of rebuilding the stud to the original standards set by John Collins in its inception.

We began by purchasing a young bull from Rosedale Stud. This young bull was a son of Selector, a prominent sire of Rosedale. The Kenmere females provided us with heifers which were once again to become part of our foundation herd. Heifers were purchased from quality studs many with bloodlines that went back to original Kenmere genetics’.

In 2006 it was decided to begin using the Kenmere dams for embryo transfer. Kenmere Kristina 111 the first to be flushed, however with limited success at first. Since then the stud runs two embryo programmes a year with the focus on flushing the great dams with our original genetics’.

Kenmere Kristina 111 herself was the progeny of Kenmere Kristina 1 and Mandalong Chock. Mandalong Chock a sire who held the Australian record for the highest-selling bull @$165,000.

In 2008 Kristina had a bull calf (Kenmare Gilman Kristo MCS D17E). This young sire possesses many of the qualities of his mother. Kristo is sired by Lt Western Spur.

In 2009 another four embryo calves have been born to Kristina. This time Lt Blue grass was the Sire in the embryo campaign. This campaign again gave us great success with two bull and two heifer calves.

Once again the heifers provide us with the bloodlines with genetics’ that date back to our original cattle in the 1970s.


In September, Kenmere Tinkerbelle gave us six embryo calves. The Sires used with this cow was LT Easy Blend and Lt Blue Grass. Other females used in embryo programmes are Kenmere Nicola, Kenmere Navarro and Kenmere Perlina.

The genetics’ of these great females mixed with the imported Semen from the Lt Ranch has provided us with new foundations to begin our Kenmere cattle numbers once again. Our stud consists of 50 breeders. Our objectives at Kenmere are to produce small numbers of high-quality progeny. In 2008 nearly all the dams of Kenmere produced heifers. This has once again boosted our female genetics’ for the future.

All the females at Kenmere are put through an AI programme. We select individually the sires we believe are the best suited to the female. Qualities we are looking for are the medium frame, calving ease and where possible polled.

The milking capability and temperament of our cattle is astringent in our females. This is a quality that the commercial buyer is keen to see when they are purchasing bulls. Our commercial cattle at Kenmere consist of Murray Grey and Shorthorn Charolais crosses and Black Baldie’s. Young bulls at Kenmere are used over commercial cattle. This gives us the ability to sell with confidence in our progeny. These cattle are producing vealers calves sold directly to a local butcher. Commercial cattle are marketed as joined/ unjoined heifers and the steers are sold to buyers who grow them out. Vealers are sold at an approximate weight of 350 kgs and leave us at 7-8 months of age. 

Below is in early newspaper (1972) article on Kenmere AI achievements.