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“Moorak” 467 Rankins Lane, Holbrook NSW 2644 | ABN: 53105870611

Welcome to Kenmere Charolais

Kenmere Charolais was established in the early 1970s with original French bloodlines imported via New Zealand to Australia. This provided a genetically sound base from which we could increase numbers and quality traits that were associated with Charolais.

In 1998, John Collins changed the focus of the stud and in 2004, Matthew and Ann-Marie Collins purchased all the cattle and began the work of rebuilding the stud to the original standards set by John Collins in its inception.

Kenmere Sale Bulls

Kenmere focuses on high growth with good muscling and thickness of the body. Many of our bulls are the product of AI or embryo campaigns. Individual Sires are selected to provide the treats for good commercial breeding. Sires are selected with the aim to produce moderate framed thick-bodied bulls with great muscle.

Kenmere Females

Over recent year’s, embryo and AI programmes have provided us with original Kenmere genetics’ in our female breeders. These days over 50% of our Breeder’s come from our original bloodlines. These bloodlines were from cattle imported into Australia from the 1970s from France via New Zealand.

Breed Programmes

Throughout each year hand-selected females are used in AI programmes. Our aim is to continue to produce the wide diversity we have in our herd and increase our selection for sale bulls and females. Stud sires at Kenmere are from an individual blend of females and selected AI sires.